Liberty City Stories

Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories

Re:LCS and relcs are two different things.

Re:LCS is a heavily modded Vice City.

reLCS is an open-source reverse-engineered game engine to run Liberty City Stories on PC.

Re:LCS Beta 6.0 Build 15 by Ryadica926 is the answer to your first question.

Delete LCSCarCam.asi inside scrips folder.

Inside ReLCS.ini set DebugMode=0 and MultiSampling=8.

Mod List


Decent amount of crashes in this build. Liberty City Stories will run fine most of the time. Some tips are:

  • If you get a re-occurring crash or are unable to launch the game. Delete gta_lcs.set from Documents\GTA Liberty City Stories User Files\ and relaunch the game.
  • Use multiple save slots. I alternated with save Slot 1 and Slot 2.
  • Use Re:LCS Beta 5.0 Build 16. You can use save games if you have issues with missions. Saves are incompatible between versions!

The Sicilian Gambit mission has a bug that will stop the progression. To get around this, I killed the individual before the boats departed from the dock. Do not save after failing the Sicilian Gambit as it’ll create a checkpoint. Another bug with this mission is the AI drowning. Sprinting forward as quickly as possible solved it for me.


Must have the original ps2 game and Vice City to grab assets.

Extract assets to the same folder as reLCS.exe. Copy Vice City’s mss32.dll and mss folder to the reLCS directory.