Installing Tribes Ascend


Step 1 - Install via Steam


Download Tribes Ascend Parting Gifts

Step 2 - Download the Tribes Launcher

Download Tribes Launcher Sharp

Install Microsoft Visual C++ x86 Redistributes

Step 3

Extract and Launch the Tribes Launcher.

In the Tribes Launcher, select the Community for your login server, hit Login and inject TAMods.

Once injected, the Play Now button will show whether you are in OOTB or GOTY mode. There is a button on the main menu to switch. You need to be in GOTY mode to play on GOTY servers and OOTB mode to play on OOTB servers.

Still having issues?

Playing Community Maps

You can only play community maps on the community login server.

Note: This may take a while as some of the assets required add up to a few gigabytes.

Step 1

Run the Tribes Launcher and click on the Packages tab.

Step 2

Select the map pack you want and hit install. This will automatically download all the required files so you can play.

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Linux Installation

Linux Guide


Launcher doesn’t know where Tribes is installed?

Usually it’s “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\Common\Tribes\Binaries\Win32\TribesAscend.exe”. If you aren’t sure and installed the game via Steam, follow this video to get the correct directory.

I hear the inject sound, but nothing about my game changes

Microsoft Visual C++ redistributes must be installed, an easy all in one installer is here

I keep failing to join a server

Probably in the wrong game mode for that server, community servers are labelled OOTB or GOTY to show their game mode. Go back to the main menu and select Switch to OOTB or Switch to GOTY like this video.

Can’t join a server with a community made map

To play on a server hosting a community made map you only need the latest version of the map. In the server browsers current state, community made maps come up as Arx Novena.

Follow this section of the guide to install common community maps here first. Then try reinstalling TAMods and the packages.

On occasion you will have to contact the owner for the files.

I get a Package Install Error while installing the map packs

We’ve ran into a few issues with peoples files being set to read only. You need to go to where Tribes Ascend is installed and locate the file in the error message. Right click and select Properties and de-select Read Only then close the launcher and try to install it again. This will be fixed by the next launcher update.

I get an error when I start the game after installing packages

This should only occur when you have manually installed the maps previously. This fix will require some redownloading.

Step 1

In your Tribes Ascend install folder, go to \TribesGame\CookedPC\Maps\ and delete all files.

Not sure where Tribes is installed?

Step 2

Now, in Steam, you will need to verify your files.

In your games library you need to right click on Tribes Ascend and hit Properties.

Select the Local files tab and click the Verify integrity of game files... button. This will re-download the missing files you just deleted from the base game via steam.

Step 3

Once complete, in your Tribes Launcher hit the Advanced tab and hit Reinstall TAMods. Hit Yes on the prompt and then hit Update to start the process.

Now, under the Packages Tab you can install the custom packages that were removed earlier. This should just be the custom maps and assets packages.

I’m having issues not stated here with the launcher

When in doubt, under the Advanced tab hit Reinstall TAMods. This should allow you to reinstall packages as well.