Vice City Modding

Definitive Edition


Fix for impassable mission, might be patched at some point.


reVC is a branch of the re3 Github specifically designed to work with the Vice City official game files.

Cleo-Redux is compatible with reVC Windows D3D9 MSS 32bit. Requires reVC.pdb inside the reVC directory.

Manual replacement of textures/models works correctly. IMGDesk.

Original Game Engine

Downgraders Link

4GB Patch


Step 1

  • Insert discs and install Vice City.
  • Rename old exe to backup.exe.
  • Copy NOCD into root directory.

Step 2

Create a new foler caled scripts

  • Download CLEO and put it in the root directory.

  • Download ModLoader and put it in the scripts directory.

  • Download ModUpdater and place modupdater.asi it in the scripts directory.

Step 3

Silent Patch

Extract SilentPatchVC.asi and .ini into the scripts folder.

Inside ModLoader create a new folder called SilentPatchVC and extract the data folder into it.

Download and extract the DDraw Component into the root directory.

Widescreen Fixes

Extract GTAVC.WidescreenFix.asi and .ini into the root folder. Inside ModLoader create a new folder called WidescreenFrontEnd and extract into it.

2DFX & OpenLimitAdjuster

Extract into Scripts Folder


Extract rwd3d9.dll into the root directory.

Extract asi into scripts Extract everything inside VC folder into scripts folder.


ASI into scripts models into models

Classic Axis
LCS Car Camera

Add to scripts

Vice City Neons

Extract Modloader into modloader.

Set dualPass=0 and disableBackfaceCulling=1 in skygfx.ini.

Mod List

Prerequisite Mods



CLEO Scripts

Models and Textures

More Optional Stuff