Blues - CTF Map

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Two hills, valley, long bounding hills, ultra smooth terrain. Very much a standard formula for a decent tribes map. Not too many bells or whistles but the rocks are easy to bounce off. Set on a grassy moon surrounded by pools of water with remnants of the past Tribes structures.


Line of site blocking. Shit should be in all tribes maps. Avoiding the spotting of spawns from the opposing stand and spawns.

Blues Left Spawn

Blues Right Spawn


Blues Birdseye

This map is aimed primarily for organised play. As competitive viability is important for this map, all assets and terrain shall be mirrored to avoid advantage for either side. As this was my first map, I used a lot of assets in the base game as placeholders. The intention is to add completely custom assets to all my maps.


The #1 HOF Australian player JackTheBlack has a capping video available.

TAMods route files can be downloaded here.

Blues Flagstand


TrCTF-Blues v014

  • Changed the art style so that the terrain isn’t as dark allowing players to be more visibile.
  • Altered some of the terrain and added rocks to assist offence.

TrCTF-Blues v013


This is a very minor update.

  • Fixed some mirroring issues on Blues.
  • Added back the boxes on Blues stand. Will swap them eventually^TM

TrCTF-Blues v012


  • Can no longer disc jump off the creativity wall.
  • Added a few ambient sounds
  • Replaced some of the rock meshes/collisions. 90% should be unchanged.
  • Fixed spawn location weighting (as much as possible)
  • Replaced skybox.
  • Changed out of map landscape meshes.
  • Fixed turret placement.
  • Replaced stand with a new model.

TrCTF-Blues v011


Blues v009

  • Fixed some of the mirroring issues.
  • Changed ground texture, slowly moving away from hirez’s assets.
  • Added some basic lava pits which do no player damage.
  • Replaced boundaries with ones with proper hitboxes, should feel much better now.
  • Modified some of the terrain, minor changes.
  • Modified fog.
  • Added light rays.
  • Changed rock textures.
  • Added vehicle pad.

TrCTF-Blues v010


  • Added a few rocks.
  • Adjusted some elements so they’re mirror’d.
  • Added a cover near spawns to counter cross map spawn spotting.
  • Fixed fog disapearing on sides of screen issue.
  • Adjusted fog and lighting.
  • Fixed invisible hill.
  • Fixed some see through walls.
  • Added inventory station at back of map for stand offs.

TrCTF-Blues v009


Blues v009

  • Made boundaries much cleaner visually, minor adjustments to location. Hopefully all routes still work!
  • Adjusted fog and lighting
  • Changed Spawn Rotation
  • Added landscape in out of bounds area
  • Adjusted part of terrain texture, will need to swap it out with a tile-able texture soon.
  • Fog abuse is a known issue on this map. Will fix in next release.

TrCTF-Blues v008


  • Adjusted fog
  • Adjusted lighting, now shadows look awful!

TrCTF-Blues v007


Major Changes:

  • Added boundaries
  • Raised flag stand
  • Added valley well behind stand
  • Adjusted fog

Not so major:

  • Removed objects outside of boundaries
  • Small terrain adjustments

TrCTF-Blues v006


TrCTF-Blues v005


TrCTF-Blues v004


TrCTF-Blues v003


TrCTF-Blues v002


TrCTF-Blues v001