Incidamus - CTF Map

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Scale is brought up a bit with this one. It’s a vertical change which allows for very fast speeds to be obtained with ease. Yes yes it’s basically DX, but DX is great. Fast return routes and easy clusters? Chaos and pressure, I love it. Set in a sandy oasis type area.


Jump pad out the back, bouncible object inside the base! Incidamus Features


Incidamus Birdseye This map is aimed primarily for organised play. As competitive viability is important for this map, all assets and terrain shall be mirrored to avoid advantage for either side.


The #1 HOF Australian player JackTheBlack has a capping video available.

TAMods route files can be downloaded here.



TrCTF-Incidamus v004

  • Made the terrain near the stand to have more variation.
  • Decreased the level of variation in the mid sections of the map.
  • There is a bug with the conduit on this version of the map, will be fixed in the next release.
  • Adjusted spawn points to be closer to the stand.

TrCTF-Incidamus v003


This is a very minor update.

  • Adjusted the tree collisions on Incidamus. It is far from accurate unfortunately.

TrCTF-Incidamus v002


Incidamus v002

  • Can no longer disc jump off the creativity wall.
  • Added a few ambient sounds
  • Replaced some of the rock meshes/collisions. 90% should be unchanged.
  • Fixed spawn location weighting (as much as possible)
  • Added a generator room.
  • Fixed issue with vehicles spawning on the other vehicle pad.
  • Added Rocks.
  • Added Jump pad at the rear of the stand.
  • Added tree.

TrCTF-Incidamus v001


Incidamus v001

  • New map
  • Back to sides allowed