Periculo - CTF Map

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Caves, who knew you could use them for capping? Yeah probably no entry caps, but atleast exits are interesting. Much less of a worry about a sniper with that much cover. You can move fast but getting over the hill is a bit of a hurdle. A lot of the terrain is far less forgiving.


Caves! Periculo Features

Periculo Cave Mid

Periculo Cave Features


Periculo Birdseye This map is aimed primarily for organised play. As competitive viability is important for this map, all assets and terrain shall be mirrored to avoid advantage for either side.


The #1 HOF Australian player JackTheBlack has a capping video available.

TAMods route files can be downloaded here.



TrCTF-Periculo v007

  • Smoothed the terrain on the edges of the center hill.
  • Altered the terrain behind the base for stand off play.
  • Added a sniper perch near the stand.
  • Adjusted spawn points to be closer to the stand.
  • Lowered spawn hill.

TrCTF-Periculo v006


This is a very minor update.

  • Fixed some mirroring issues on Periculo.

TrCTF-Periculo v005


  • Can no longer disc jump off the creativity wall.
  • Added a few ambient sounds
  • Replaced some of the rock meshes/collisions. 90% should be unchanged.
  • Fixed spawn location weighting (as much as possible)
  • Periculo Stand rotated anti-clockwise.
  • Some bug fixes.
  • Some basic optimization done.
  • Fixed cave lighting not lining up with team colours.
  • Hopfully patched a front grab through the cave.
  • More Rocks

TrCTF-Periculo v004


Periculo v004

  • Fixed some mirroring issues.
  • Added caves.
  • Added turrets.
  • Changed terrain textures.
  • Modified skybox.
  • Fixed blackness.
  • Added out of bounds mountain tops.
  • Modified fog.
  • Added light rays.
  • Changed rock textures.
  • Added less basic stand textures, still NQR.
  • Minor changes to terrain.

TrCTF-Periculo v003


  • Added a few rocks.
  • Adjusted lighting
  • Added spawn locations (near the old ones, hopefully will add more variance)
  • Minor smoothing of terrain
  • Changed skysphere to skydomb.

TrCTF-Periculo v002


Periculo v002

  • Changed terrain art style
  • Added boundaries
  • Adjusted fog and lighting
  • Added spawn locations Enlarged and modified flagstand.
  • Basic textures added to flagstand, this and collisions will be polished once I’m happy with the stand mesh.
  • Minor smoothing of terrain

TrCTF-Periculo v001


  • Map with custom assets

Periculo v001