Real Basics

Gaining Speed

Real Basics

  • Right-click makes you use your jetpack which sends you up.
  • Space lets you ski on the ground with no friction.
  • Shooting yourself can be useful to gain momentum.
  • Thrusting makes you go forward off the starting line.
  • Angles of the slope you are or about to be on matter.
  • There is a skiing tutorial in-game.
  • Gravity is the force by which a planet or other body draws objects toward its center.

Slightly less basic, basics

  • Jetting while you are heading towards the ground is bad for your speed but missing the next hill is worse.
  • Jetting while going up an upwards slope can preserve a lot of your momentum compared to just skiing.
  • Jetting while hitting the ground can help you avoid damage.
  • Holding a directional key can adjust where you are going and help you slow down.
  • Jetting while holding a directional key can help you go higher.
  • The faster you are, the harder it is to control where you go.
  • While you have no energy, it is best to spam your jet key rather than hold it down.

How do cappers consistently grab the flag fast?

How do cappers change direction so abruptly?

  • Rock bounces which can take many hours to learn to very little time to learn.
  • You can bounce off rocks as long as you aren’t using jets.
  • Some of these routes are significantly more consistent with a Jump(without jets) bind.
  • A lot of these bounces can be a lot easier if you have a mentor to explain the specifics of one bounce.

How to be the best capper ever

  • Learn consistent low visibility routes for all maps.
  • Sync with other cappers and your offence.
  • Learn how to duel.
  • Learn from someone who can cap rather than learning from Dodge.


Communicating your position and intention allows your teammates to clear the enemy defense allowing you to grab or work with you getting the flag home.

Learning time calls for your routes is incredibly important. Calling times every 5 seconds is a good rule of thumb to make sure your teammates know when to hit the stand or snipe.

Returning home

  • Minimizing return time is the best thing you can do to secure the cap.
  • Grabbing flags at 320+ sanics is optimal.
  • Avoid self-damage here as that will impact your survivability.
  • Going to wherever your teammates are may be more optimal than your stand if it is over-run.
  • Self clear can be very disruptive. Always shoot a heavy on flag if he see’s you.
  • You can use a horizontal thrust to sometimes avoid the heavy on flag.

Rock Bounces

Endgame capping. This is where the boys become men and girls become women.

  • Again, don’t jet before/while hitting the rock.
  • To bounce off a surface, you must not be able to walk on that face.
  • You also need to be hitting a face at an angle above 15 degrees.
  • Dodges maps contain some really easy rocks to bounce off.

Show me some routes

Many people have pushed out a lot of interesting route videos on their respective channels. A lot of the pathfinder GOTY routes work for Parting Gifts/OOTB but may need adjusting.


Kigabit’s Pathfinder GOTY

Soninova’s Soldier/Raider GOTY

BeanZ’s Light/Medium OOTB

JackTheBlack’s Pathfinder GOTY

Vikatikki’s Light OOTB

Other resources

TAMods to the rescue

TAMods has some route libraries that includes routes for most competitive maps. Currently missing routes for maps that aren’t played much. Using the F1 menu and selecting routes for your team is the way to go.

  • Any X spot is where you need a self impulse so you should start the throw of your nitron before the spot.
  • You can cycle through the routes for your current map using page up and page down.

TAMods Route Files

These are downloadable via the TAMods Launcher Packages section.

The Recommended GOTY Routes Library is recommended for most players.

A manual download is provided here. These .route files need to go in your \Documents\My Games\Tribes Ascend\TribesGame\config\routes directory.


Arx Novena, Dangerous Crossing, Drydock, Katabatic, Raindance, Sunstar, Tartarus.


GOTY Pathfinder.