Game Server Hosting

Option 1: Docker Servers

Azure Setup

Installs docker and loads the taserver docker image from this project on an Ubuntu VM. From Courtesy of Chicken). Deploy to Azure

Manual Docker Ubuntu

This will be a basic run down on how to setup TA Server on an Ubunutu Server.

Step 0: Prerequisites

0.1 Setup ubuntu

TCP/UDP Ports that need opening: 7777-7877

UDP ports that need opening: 9002-9102

Using UFW:

sudo ufw allow 7777:7877/tcp

sudo ufw allow 7777:7877/udp

sudo ufw allow 9002:9102/udp

0.2 Setup Docker

Install via the convenience script

curl -fsSL -o

sudo sh

0.3 Setup current user

sudo usermod -aG docker *username*

Where ‘username’ is the name of the user.

0.4 Get TA Server Image

docker pull taserver:latest-maps

docker tag taserver:latest-maps taserver

0.5 Download Helper Script

wget -O ""

chmod +x

0.6 Setup Game Server

To run the game server run the command:

./ -d gamesettings -p 0

‘-d gamesettings’ will be a mounted folder for this particular docker container that lets you alter the game settings of the server.

‘-p 0’ sets the port offset to 0. The default ports are 7777 and 7778. A port offset of 2 would use ports 7779 and 7781.


  • Possible to ban/kick cheaters
  • GOTY/OOTB game types
  • TA Mods Server customization
  • Community or a custom login server
  • No restrictions


  • Difficult and slow to setup
  • Limited support
  • Can be costly

Option 2: LLamagrab Servers

An easy to grasp server hosting solution for community servers.


  • Easy to grasp
  • Possible to ban/kick cheaters
  • Free
  • Fast
  • GOTY/OOTB game types
  • TA Mods Server customization


  • A ban on hitscan weapons for all servers (except the Shocklance)
  • Single login server (Community)

Option 3: Hirez Official


  • Easy to grasp
  • Free
  • Fast
  • In-game adjustment/setup


  • Unable to prevent cheaters from joining games
  • Locked to OOTB game type
  • Single login server (Hirez Official)
  • Limited customization