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Quick PUG Guide

7v7 Format

Pick-up Games are a semi-competitive 7v7 format. Pick-up games will use VoIP software such as Mumble or Discord.

Each team runs 4 offense and 3 defense.

Generally speaking, the defense consists of a HOF, a light defense/medium defense, and a sniper.

Offense have two recommended setups:

  • 3 offense members and a capper with one offense member going after the enemy Sniper
  • 2 offense members and 2 cappers

Defense goes defense during stand-offs and offense goes offense during stand-offs.


These are PUG-specific recommendations to make the game more enjoyable for everyone involved. These are not rules but a list of recommendations to improve the flow and make you a more effective member of your team.

  • If both flags are home, if you are an offense member or a capper, there is little to no gain in killing/shooting enemy offense. If defense is struggling, spotting enemy capper is substantially more beneficial.
  • Running 4+ defense members generally makes games slow for both teams.
  • Try to run a capper that does not warp.



Offense Guide

Major Responsibilities

  • Kill the enemy heavy on flag and enemy light defense 5 seconds before your capper will grab.
  • Put pressure on the enemy Sniper to prevent them from killing your capper pre-grab and post-grab. Generally, only 1 offense member does this only if your team is running 1 capper.
  • E-Grab when the defense calls for it.

Minor Responsibilities

  • K-Out and meet your capper after they grab.
  • Hit the enemy stand at the same time as other offense members, aim for when your capper would be 15 seconds out.
  • Spot enemy cappers and enemy offense. This assists your defense better than you shooting the enemy `offense.
  • Walk flags with your other offense members.

Heavy on Flag

Major Responsibilities

  • Stop the enemy capper.
  • Stop enemy walks.

Minor Responsibilities

  • Be ready to stop unspotted/out of time grabs.
  • Work with the light defense to get kills on enemy offense without overextending yourself.
  • Only leave the stand during a stand-off.
  • Avoid being shot if possible.

light/medium defense

Major Responsibilities

  • Kill enemy the offense members.
  • Return flags.
  • Call out for E-Grabs

Minor Responsibilities

  • Work with the Sniper
  • Call out enemy offense you are shooting so the Sniper and heavy on flag know who to shoot.
  • If the enemy capper has recently died, assist any walks your offense may be doing or meet your capper.


Major Responsibilities

  • Spot/kill the enemy capper at all times.
  • Call out a time and direction the enemy cap will be.
  • Call out for E-Grabs
  • Snipe the enemy offense which your light defense and heavy on flag are fighting or during any walk attempts.

Minor Responsibilities

  • Call out enemy offense locations.
  • Assist heavy on flag with clearing your base if over-run after an enemy has grabbed.
  • Avoid enemy offense members.
  • Snipe the enemy chaser if your capper is out.


Capper Guide

Major Responsibilities

  • Grab and capture the enemy flag.
  • Communicate times on your route for your offense members.

Minor Responsibilities

  • Meet your offense if they decide to Walk the flag.
  • Wait in case your offense needs more time to get to the stand.


  • Offense stays on offense.

  • Defense stays on defense.

  • It is more beneficial for your team to promptly go offense while your team has three members already on defense.

  • Defense generally picks the medium class for maneuverability. Having a heavy can be effective as well.

  • Stay near your spawns as defense.

  • Various class compositions amongst offense each have their benefits and drawbacks. Running 3+ light classes on offense can be shut down while a broad spectrum of classes can be effective.

  • Offense should coordinate times for hitting the enemy defense together. The game timer is effective at coordinating a time to attack.

Loadout Setup

For all classes except for the sniper, it is considered optimal to run at least one explosive/timed weapon and at least one chain/hit-scan weapon.

In a community server, you must be a verified user for your Loadouts to save.


PUGPick-up Game
E-GrabE-Grab stands for an emergency grab. A player says this to communicate that the team requires a grab of the enemy flag to prevent the enemy from capturing your flag. Players should prioritize this action immediately.
K-Out / ResetUse the suicide key (K) to reset and respawn immediately. Usually used to make an offense member time up with their capper and other offense members.
CrashTry to emergency grab/attack the enemy as soon as possible for a return
WalkThis term is used for when an offense member grabs the flag in an attempt to take it home rather than a capper
ReturnReturn the Flag
HOFHeavy on Flag
LDlight defense
MDmedium defense
Stand-OffA stand-Off game state occurs when both teams have the enemy flag secure at their side of the field
D-StackDefensive Stack. When a team runs more than 3 defense members
FigitWhen an offense member chases and attempts to kill another offense member when both flags are home.
SpotSpot is a term used to mark where an enemy is. Use the left Alt key in-game adds a visual indicator where the player was for the rest of your team.